Thursday, April 30, 2009

We finally went on a family vacation to St. George, UT. We had so much fun and it was good for our family to finally spend some quality time together for the first time since we have been married. Connor and I are resting after hiking around in Snow Canyon in St. George. It was so hot!
Scott took a picture as we were hiking farther into the canyon. Beautiful!!

Trying to cool off in some shade.

The kids were having a blast climbing on all the huge rocks. I was struggling to keep up with them. Apparently my running and weight training failed to help me recover from rock climbing. I didn't realize I had so many different muscles that could hurt!


  1. Shannon this is great! I love all the pics and the background is great :)

  2. Love your blog! I loved hearing all the little quirky stories about the kids and seeing all the pics. I am so happy you started this. I need to post more on mine, I have been a slacker. Go ahead and add me.
    Keep it up! Oh by the way you look great...

  3. Someone let Grandpa dress in the kids clothes again. Holy FUCK. As if being mormon was pathetic enough.