Thursday, April 30, 2009

We finally went on a family vacation to St. George, UT. We had so much fun and it was good for our family to finally spend some quality time together for the first time since we have been married. Connor and I are resting after hiking around in Snow Canyon in St. George. It was so hot!
Scott took a picture as we were hiking farther into the canyon. Beautiful!!

Trying to cool off in some shade.

The kids were having a blast climbing on all the huge rocks. I was struggling to keep up with them. Apparently my running and weight training failed to help me recover from rock climbing. I didn't realize I had so many different muscles that could hurt!

When we were climbing all over the rocks Peyton saw these on the ground and exclaimed, "That looks like lizard crap. I bet Ike would eat that." (Ike our dog.)
Landon came over and thought they were pimples and Connor thought it was some kind of poop.
Each of the kids staked out their own caves while we were hiking. Landon very quickly put dibs on this one.

Peyton was making her cave into a girly house with a kitchen and bedroom.

Connor was hanging on for dear life trying to get down from his cave!

Eating yummy, incredibly fattening frozen custard from "Neilsen's Frozen Custard." Connor is really savoring his as you can see!
In St. George off of Main St. there is a fun little river with rocks in it for kids to climb and get wet in. They also had a fountain to cool off in. That was a lifesaver because we told them that we would go to the condo's pool while we were there but it was closed. They were sooo disappointed. Lucky for us a friend had told us about this and we were able to find it. The kids had a blast!
Connor and Peyt running through the big blast of water in the fountain.

Exploring the rocks!

Wishing I could get soaked because it was so hot!

Scott and I trying to stay as cool as possible in the shade.

On our last night in St. George, we went to a mexican restaurant where there was a water fountain in the waiting area inside. While we were eating Peyton excused herself from the table and went to the restroom. When she got back she showed me two pennies and they were wet. I asked her if she had taken them from the water fountain and she nodded. I then explained to her that we really shouldn't do that and she whispered to me, "Only one man saw me and he didn't say anything." I left it at that. When we were leaving the table we passed by the fountain and there the man was. He was a mannequin! She thought he was asleep. I thought that was so hilarious. We all laughed and laughed and I just had to take a picture of him with her. He was a little creepy, though!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For Peyton's birthday party I made her a fondant girly flower cake. It was 2 layers with chocolate pudding in the middle. It was a hit with everyone and I was happy that it all went smoothly!